Know it All

Someone I care about very much recently called me a “know it all”. I am not sure why this hit me so hard, but it did. Three little words, and I felt like I had been hit in the face.

She posted a picture of “Honey boo boo”‘s mother that said something to the effect of “she has a boyfriend and you’re single”. I have seen it a few times before, however, I had just heard that they split up because he had been cheating (thanks, Perez), so I posted as much in a comment. At this point, one of her friends started saying that he doesn’t care that she is fat, but he does not like her because she is “stupid and shallow”. I have personally never seen the show. I do not have cable, and even if I did, I would not watch it because I don’t think of it as quality programming. That being said, I have heard a lot about this woman that would suggest she is neither stupid nor shallow. For example, she has put all of the money from the show (other than what is needed to live) into the bank for her kids. She could have gone out and bought a big house or a fancy car. She could have even had liposuction. She did none of these. She is saving that money for her kids, and has decided that they will continue to live the way they always have. Regardless of any of her other life choices, I have respect for her because of how she deals with the money. This also suggests that she is not in this to become rich, and you rarely hear anything about the family unless it pertains to the show or the car accident they were in. You don’t hear about them partying, or having DCFS called in to investigate them. This suggests that fame is not what she wants to get out of this either. She simply wants a better future for her kids. That is admirable.

I pointed a few of these things out, just for the sake of clarity. I feel like, when given the choice, people would rather have facts and truth than vague assumptions. Clearly, I was wrong. I prefer to give people the benefit of the doubt. I do not like to judge what kind of person someone is based on the highly edited small portion of their life that I am privy to via the internet or television. I prefer to see the good in people rather than dwell upon the bad. Apparently, I am in the minority here.

I still don’t know why the words “know it all” hurt as much as they do. I certainly do not know it all; I barely know anything compared to how much knowledge is in the universe. I have several friends who know substantially more than I could ever hope to know, as well as others who are knowledgeable in areas in which I am clueless. I only wanted to let people know the facts so that they could better understand what they were talking about. How very presumptuous of me.


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