Christmas Lists and Expectations

With the holidays fast approaching, I am hearing a lot about “what to get your kids for Christmas”. I am sure that it will not be long before the first relative asks me what Arienette wants this year. With that in mind, I would be happy to make a list. Starting with what NOT to get her.

  1. A tablet. While I am sure that a tablet is a wonderful way to keep kids quiet in the car or on a plane, or wherever else you may be, a two year old is not made to be sitting silently all the time. They are loud, energetic and yes, even annoying at times, by nature. It is how they are, and frankly, it is not healthy for them to be staring at a screen for hours playing computer games when they could be running around and expressing creativity.
  2. A phone. There is NO reason that a young child should ever be far enough away from an adult to need their own phone. Most adults have a phone on them at all times, so if she should ever need to talk to me (assuming I am ever capable of letting someone else watch her) she can use the phone of the responsible adult she is with.
  3. Candy. She is two. She does not need candy. There is zero point to candy other than sugar, and she is sweet enough without it. (She is hyper enough as well.)
  4. A living animal. Do I really need to go into detail on this one? she’s two.
  5. A video game console. See #1.

What you CAN get her if you like

  1. Books. She LOVES to read, she brings me several every day wanting me to read to her, and then she tries to read it to herself. Specifically, I am looking for The Paper Bag Princess by Robert Munsch.
  2. Cars. She has a growing car collection and she just loves cars. Every time we go to Mansfields, she goes straight to the toy room and grabs a new car.
  3. Balls. Again, she is two. Balls are kind of her thing.
  4. Coloring books. (Preferably with lots of hearts) she has a thing for coloring lately, so this would be a good one.
  5. Clothes. She will (hopefully) be in a size 24 months by Christmas. She wears 18s right now, but I am hoping she will grow a bit.
  6. Hair ties. She loves hair ties.
  7. Age appropriate craft supplies. She loves the home made play dough, and painting as well. (Steph, you would be SO proud).
  8. Anything you can think of that may help her decide to use the potty.
  9. Stickers. I can not stress this enough. She is addicted to stickers.
  10. Learning toys. Anything that will help her learn is greatly appreciated.

So here is a list of what she can and can not have for Christmas and birthdays, please, if you think of something that is not on this list, feel free to ask. I want her to have a proper childhood where she is active. I want her to play outside, catch frogs and grass hoppers, jump rope, climb trees, jump in puddles. I don’t want her to have her nose stuck on a screen 24/7. Just my personal preference.


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