My Thoughts on Contraception and Abortion

So, I have been thinking.

I know, scary, right? but I was thinking about something that seems to be on the minds of a lot of people lately, form politicialns, to regular people. I have been thinking about contraception and abortion.

This topic, even the thought of it incites debates, arguments, even battles these days… “GOD does not want abortions”; “GOD is not real”; “It is a woman’s right to choose”; “What about the father? Doesn’t he have rights?” The words being thrown around are like poison. It trickles down into your ears, and up into your brain. whatever side of the fence you are on, you invariably have an opinion. Whether you are a religious extremist “abortion is NEVER right. EVER.”, a feminist “A woman has the right to make the choices about HER body.” or somewhere in between, everyone has thought about the issue, I would go so far as to say that everyone has made their opinion known about the issue, and for the purpose of this note, my opinion is that a woman should not have an abortion EXCEPT in two cases; the first case being, that BOTH the mother AND child will die if the pregnancy progresses. The second exception being that the pregnant “woman” is, in fact, a child and does not want something growing inside her. Especially in the case of rape. In other cases, if you did not want a child, you ought to have kept your legs closed. I know that, for me, if I was giving birth, and the doctor said they could save either me or my child, I would save my child. I feel I have lived a good enough life, and I would want my child to have a chance. My husband, on the other hand, would not hesitate to save me. He feels that we can always try for another child, but he can not replace me. I think it is sweet for him to feel that way. This, however, is not what this is about. I am writing this more toward the thought that GOD (in whatever way you see GOD) is against abortions. At the risk of inciting the next world war, I am not sure I agree.

Hear me out.

I have always considered myself, if not specifically a Christian, to believe in God. I believe in Heaven and Hell, I have read (most of) The Bible, I have gone to church, I have listened to sermons, I have been at conventions. I know that most religious people feel abortion is heinous. I have seen the videos of women who have had them, I have listened to testimony from these women, and I have cried millions of tears for them. I am fighting tears just typing this all out. I will repeat myself: I, personally, do not believe in abortions.

I have been thinking about plants. I have, recently, been re reading a series of books. The Earth’s Children series, by Jean M Auel. This series, beginning with the book “The Clan of the Cave Bear” is set in prehistoric Europe. The main character, Ayla is raised by a group of people who are very different than she is, both physically and cognitively. She has to struggle to adapt to their way of life. A big part of all six of the books in this series is that Ayla is a medicine woman. A healer, if you will. She knows plants. She knows how to cook them, and how to prepare them for medicinal uses. She knows more about plants than I think I know about anything. Something that this series has pointed out to me is that a lot of plants can either prevent pregnancy, or cause miscarriage. I feel like if GOD is so against abortion (or contraception, as politicians have so blatantly pointed out recently) why would he have created plants that can be used for that purpose? If GOD is against these things, I feel he would have caused these plants to simply NOT have the ability to do these things. He is GOD, right? He is perfect, all knowing.. he created everything in the world, why would he create a plant that does something he is so against?

I suppose the argument could be made that he created people, and we do things God is against. The difference is that people make CHOICES. We have free will. Plants do not make choices. They grow the way God intended them to. If they have the proper amount of sunlight and water, they grow unhindered, and can be gathered and put to use. This is why I am not sure I agree that GOD is against abortion. He made these plants. And HE gave them the ability to stop a woman from becoming pregnant, or to cause miscarriage. I am going to list some of these plants here, as well as a couple websites so that you can look into it if you do not believe me. I want to say that I do not mean this to turn into an argument, I just wanted to put my thoughts out there, and see whether anyone else had thought of this.

Plants that are used for contraception:

Queen Anne’s lace

Silphium (now extinct)


wild cotton

bitter melon


blue cohosh

dong quai

common rue

Plants that will cause miscarriage:

anise seed

carrot seed


calamus root

goji berries




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