Conversations With Arienette

I thought this might be a cute idea, since she says some pretty funny / adorable things throughout the day.


  • Arienette: “Nap, nap, nap”

Me: “You want a nap?”

Arienette: “Cow.”

  • Arienette: “nap, nap”

Me: “you want a nap?”

Arienette: “anuhnigh… an a cow, bear, ducky, fishy, sock, shoe, ribbit, book, fork……”

  • (Getting her up after her nap)

Me: “I have something for you”

Arienette:: “applesauce?”

Me: “No, no applesauce”

Arienette: “Fishy?”

Me: “No, I have some juice, and some ravioli…”

Arienette: “An sissa…”

Me: “no, no sissa”

Arienette: “An nana…”

Me: “No nana, nana tomorrow.”

  • Arienette: “Sissa baboon cow”
  • Arienette (petting my hair): “Nice kitty.”
  • Arienette: “Nuhnight baby”

Me: “You want to go nuhnight?”

Arienette: “NO.”

  • Arienette: “mama”

Me: “yes, baby?”

Arienette: “I see you”

Me: “I see you too silly girl”

  • Arienette: “Flower.”

Me: “You’re a flower”

Arienette: “No, you’re a flower”

  • Arienette goes into my room

Me: “No.”

Arienette comes out

Arienette: “Mummy room”

Me: “No mummy room”

Arienette turns to her room, and waves at me

Arienette: “bye!”

  • Arienette: “Sock shoe ha ha ha sock shoe hee hee hee”
  • Arienette: “Play play play! No play, eat a shooshoo”
  • Arienette: “Mummy up now! Mummy up now!” (heard through her bedroom door when she wanted to get up from her nap)
  • Arienette is struggling to get down from her seat

Me: do you want some fruit loops?

Arienette: No shoo shoo.

Me: Do you want to get down and play?

Arienette: Down and play. Thank you mummy no shoo shoo. Play.

  • Arienette: “ready, two, go, three, four” *throws bottle and runs*
  • Arienette: “The world outside the window”
  • I had Arienette sitting on her potty.

Arienette: “New diaper?”

Me: “You have to go pee on the potty”

Arienette: “No pee a potty”

Me: “Big girls use the potty, babies use diapers, are you a big girl?”

Arienette: “No bit girl.”

Me: “Are you a baby?”

Arienette: “Baby.”

Me” Mommy uses the potty because mommy is a big girl. Do you want to be a big girl like mommy?”

Arienette: “No.”

  • Arienette: “Anette nummy nummy a food”
  • Arienette: “Kitty a seepy”

Me: “The kitty is sleepy?”

Arienette: “Yup”

Me: “Okay”

Arienette: “A water”


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